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The Alps - Road Trip

This was by far the best road trip we have taken to date and despite a speeding ticket on the Swiss boarder (not our fault of course) and being massively under dressed and ill prepared for the cold weather and huge amounts of snow, we had an awesome time and cannot wait to go back!

What a view!

One of my favorite pictures

Large block of furnished holiday lets

We talk to clients with furnished holiday lets in the EEA (European Economic area) on a daily basis and many believed they did not qualify to claim capital allowances as the property was outside of the UK. As we have shown above this could not be further from the truth.

To find out more and to start the process on your FHL in the EEA, follow the link below and arrange a call back for free and impartial advice.

P.s if you visit Macot wear boots and not Nike trainers!

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1 Yorum

Great article guys, good to see you enjoying yourselfs as well as doing a fantastic job for the clients!

At we've just started looking more into FHL's abroad like you guys do and I didn't realise just how many people didn't realise you could do them.

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