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"The average capital allowances claim is worth £160,000 and in most cases a HMRC tax refund is due"

We work with holiday let owners across the UK and EEA (European Economic Area) and whether your holiday let is in St Ives, French Alps or the Spanish Riviera, you can benefit from reduced tax bills and a HMRC tax credit by using capital allowances. 

James Nazir & Co are recognised as the go to specialist when it comes to capital allowances on holiday homes and we can guide you through the process in order to obtain your right to claim this type of tax relief.  


Start your claim for capital allowances today and find out how much you can save.


In order to benefit from Capital Allowances you must ensure you meet the following:-

Intended for use by ‘for profit’ business

Must incur qualifying capital expenditure

Must have a qualifying trade (i.e holiday let)

Must have relevant land interest

Must be UK taxpayer

Property types include: Holiday homes, holiday lets, lodges, villas, apartments and more

HMRC have set a strict criteria that needs to be passed in order to enjoy the benefits that come with owning a successful FHL. 

The property needs to be advertised for let for 210+ days per year

The property needs to be let for 105+ days per year

No guests to stay longer than 31 days

There are certain elections we can use to qualify you as a FHL business should the above not be met.

How we can help your FHL business:-


A full capital allowances service for holiday let owners

Claims completion for past and present purchases

New build and refurbishment claims

Advice and guidance on FHL qualification 

Free and unlimited phone calls


Flexible approach to billing

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