Over the past 7 years we have identified in excess of £43,000,000 in tax free profits for UK businesses.


Own Commercial Property

Pay Income or Corporation Tax

Based in the UK

If you answered "YES" to all of the above you could be entitled to make a capital allowances claim with HMRC. 

"The average capital allowances claim is worth £160,000 and shelters £32,000+ in tax"


Instant Cash Injection

Increased Cash Flow

Lower Current and Future Tax Liabilities

Check if you qualify with a free audit of your commercial property.


Can I claim capital allowances on residential property?

Capital allowances can not be claimed on residential property and can only be claimed on commercial property. Commercial property also includes serviced accommodation and furnished holiday lets.

I purchased my property in 2010, can I still make a claim?

Yes! There is no time limit with regards to when you purchased the property. The only time limit set by HMRC is with regards to the initial submission which is made by amending an open tax year.

My property has recently been refurbished, can I claim on this expenditure?

You can claim capital allowances on refurbishment, extension and new build expenditure incurred by the business. If the refurbishment was completed within the current or last tax year you will be able to use the annual investment allowances to write off all qualifying expenditure within the year it was incurred. The annual investment allowances is currently set at £1,000,000 which means any qualifying expenditure up to this amount can be written off in full.

Why has my accountant NOT claimed this allowances?

Your accountant is probably very good, however they are not dual qualified with surveying experience and do not posses the skill set required to complete a comprehensive capital allowances report which would stand up to scrutiny from HMRC. One thing to consider is if you have not had a full property inspection completed, a capital allowances claim has not been calcuated to its maximum value.